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At US Trackworks, LLC we provide a variety of services to meet our customers' needs: 

* Please note - we do not sell railroad equipment.

Track inspection and evaluation

At US Trackworks, LLC, we will perform a railroad track inspection and perform any track maintenance work to keep your business running. Inspecting and evaluating a track is a necessary safety precaution that not only extends the life of the railroad track, but ensures your employees are safe. We uphold the highest safety standards in our work and pass it along to our customers.

Track maintenance

Whether it is thermite rail welding or ensuring your track is gauged to the correct specifications, we will make sure your track is in the best working condition. We have specialized welders that can fix worn down switch points, rails, frogs and more. We also have narrow gauge specialists that will measure the track for proper gauge. Taking measurements will prevent any future derailments of a train which can be very costly.

New track construction

We have the expertise to engineer, design, and build new track on site to cater to any business, large or small. We provide consultation services in addition to track layout plans in order to work with you and the layout of the land.

Emergency services

We have the workforce, on hand materials, and experience to help customers that need immediate assistance. Be it railroad track or railcar related, if there is an emergency, we will come out to your business and address the issue. We will make sure we bring the necessary equipment and material needed to fix the problem the first time.

Railroad crossings

Our company also specializes in railroad crossings. We have many years of experience rehabilitating, engineering, and maintaining railroad crossings.

Track removal

Some businesses want to dispose of unneeded railroad tracks on their property. We will come to your place of business, remove any unwanted railroad tracks, and dispose of the material in an environmentally safe manner.

Relay rail 

Many times relay rail (used rail) can be reused and be installed at a much lower cost than new rail. We understand that cutting costs is important to businesses; this way we can help our customers save money.

Snow removal & right of way plowing

In the winter, snow, ice and other debris can create hazards on the railroad track. We will provide snow removal and Right of Way plowing to ensure that your business can stay productive during the winter months.

Railcar Repair

We have knowledgeable and qualified railcar repairmen that can complete railcar inspections, perform various tests on a railcar, and fix repairs a railcar may need. Our railcar employees are committed to doing quality work and adhere to the standards of the Association of American Railroads (AAR).

* Please note - we do not sell railroad equipment. 

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